Benefits of Online Training

Why Online Training?


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I know some of you are reading this and thinking, “Why on earth would I pay someone for personal training when I can’t even meet them in person?”. ¬†Honestly, it’s a good question. While it is a different experience than in-person training, there are huge benefits to online training, most of which you won’t get even with in-person training.

The first and major benefit is the cost difference. When you train in a gym or private facility, you aren’t just paying for the cost of the service. You’re paying for rent, electricity, insurance, a cut for the owner, and more. This easily amounts to a $75-$125 per hour cost for training, depending on the area you live in. (As a general rule, a good trainer won’t cost less than this, although there are obviously exceptions.) For one workout a week, that’s $300-$500 each month! Some trainers won’t even give out workouts to do on your own because they are afraid of losing clients, so if you want to see results you’ll have to pay for multiple sessions each week. Those costs add up quickly, and you could find yourself paying upwards of $1,000 a month for an effective program.

The second benefit is ease of scheduling. The busiest time for a trainer is early morning, evenings. and weekends. For anyone working a 9-5, that makes it a little difficult to find open slots with a good trainer, and it’s infinitely more difficult if you have a family or young children that need your time. In addition to scheduling issues, having a strict appointment can be a source of stress, and if you hit a little extra traffic on the way to the gym, you could be losing 5-10 minutes of valuable time instead of getting there early to warm up.

A third benefit of online training is stronger accountability and support. Because the trainer is no longer slammed with back to back to back training sessions, there is more time available to offer support to the clients. An online accountability group can also help to create an atmosphere of cohesiveness and support among clients, which is definitely not something that your typical personal training experience will provide. In addition, at least with the way that my program is set up, every client has access to a free app with a calendar on it that has personalized workouts laid out, so there is never a question about what should be done. This allows clients to have the most accountability, giving them the greatest chance for success in reaching their health and fitness goals.

Possibly the biggest perk of online training is that distance is no longer a barrier. Driving forty-five minutes to meet with a trainer for an hour kind of bites the big one, especially if your regular gym is only a few minutes away. (Several of my clients actually did this.) Want your friends and family to get the benefits of working with your favorite trainer, but they live halfway across the country? Not an issue anymore. Does a two mile trip to the gym turn into a road rage filled half hour drive during rush hour? Isn’t a factor with online training.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the perks of online training, but these are some of the most notable benefits. If you’ve been struggling to make progress in your health and fitness goals, or you don’t even know where to start, fill out our contact¬†form and learn how we can help you.

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